Unlocking QA Potential

How Angi Transformed Quality Assurance from Grading to Growth

Boost CX Performance: 3 Essential QA Strategies

Learn how Angi, a home services leader, transformed their QA approach, turning it into a driver of performance excellence across their customer support team.

Shifting the Mindset: Embracing QA as a Driver of Growth and Improvement

Sydney reframed QA's purpose, shifting the focus from finding faults to catalyzing growth. By sharing success stories and demonstrating QA's impact on the customer experience, she empowered agents to see QA as a valuable resource for development.


  • Celebrate success and improvement opportunities together.
  • Emphasize QA's role in enhancing the customer experience.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing for agent development.

Building Trust: Establishing Transparency in QA Data

Angi's CX team addressed the challenge of working with external agents and graders at BPOs by implementing the GraderQA workflow. This improved transparency, trust, and feedback quality, replacing traditional grader team calibrations.


  • Establish a transparent QA culture that encourages open communication.
  • Utilize the GraderQA workflow for visibility and trust-building.
  • Involve agents in calibration for collaboration and shared understanding.
  • Share clear grading guidelines to ensure clarity and consistency.

Driving Performance Improvement: Targeted Training with QA Insights

Sydney's team used data-driven QA insights to identify gaps and improve agent performance. They implemented targeted training with Lessonly for personalized programs and real-time tracking, fostering continuous improvement.


  • Leverage QA insights to identify knowledge gaps and training needs.
  • Integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS) for targeted training.
  • Monitor progress in real-time using the LMS integration for actionable insights.
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement with ongoing training and feedback loops.

“Graders want to do a good job. Agents want to do a good job too and they want some positive reinforcement. They just needed the support to make it happen.”

Sydney McDowell

Quality and Training Manager at Angi

Unlock QA Potential with MaestroQA

Sydney's journey at Angi showcases the remarkable transformation that can be achieved by unlocking the true potential of QA. By reframing the purpose of QA, implementing transparency, and leveraging data-driven insights, organizations can elevate their QA programs into centers for performance excellence.
We invite you to request a demo to see firsthand how MaestroQA empowered Angi’s QA team to leveraged these core features to help them transform their QA culture from grading to growth:


Sydney and her team will benefit from the upcoming KPI dashboard and AI classifiers in Maestro. These tools go beyond traditional QA metrics, allowing custom logic and filters to scan all tickets for specific customer interactions. The team can then measure metrics like high-effort customer interactions, providing valuable insights for agent training and process improvement.


Sydney's team uses Maestro's coaching dashboard for agent coaching. Supervisors or leads schedule and manage coaching sessions, review QA and CSAT scores, and track performance metrics. Integration with ticket pages allows for specific feedback and targeted coaching. The Lessonly/LMS integration enables assignment and tracking of agent trainings.


Sydney's team adopted the Grader QA workflow, using benchmark graders to regrade tickets independently, without prior knowledge of the original grades. This approach evaluates alignment between graders and ensures objective and unbiased grading.

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