Unleashing the Power of Targeted QA

How Brooklinen's Transformed Customer Support with MaestroQA

Best Practices for Implementing Targeted QA

Brooklinen, a direct-to-consumer textile company committed to delivering exceptional customer support, successfully implemented targeted QA to support agent growth and drive customer satisfaction. In our conversation with Corinne McClure, Senior Associate of Customer Experience, we explored the specific best practices they employed.

Establish clear goals and metrics for targeted QA initiatives

At Brooklinen, targeted QA means focusing on what matters most. We zoom in on the QA view, the rubric, and on specific topics for evaluation. By narrowing our focus, we've seen agents excel at implementing feedback and making progress. Gone are the days of overwhelming them with information. Instead, we empower them to thrive by providing them with the precise coaching they need to succeed.”

Align Targeted QA with Support Strategy for consistent improvement

We ensure close collaboration between CX leadership, the broader company, and our knowledge and training team. This alignment streamlines the process, making it smoother and more effective for agents. By integrating targeted QA with our overall support strategy, we ensure consistent improvement across all customer touchpoints.”

Establish multiple, focused rubrics for efficient and objective grading

The problem with a random sample was that it led to us having to try and accommodate all of what might come up in our rubric, which created a really comprehensive but also overwhelming rubric that was really difficult for graders to utilize efficiently.”

Optimize targeted QA with automation and AI tools for efficiency

We tackle friction head-on, swiftly addressing it by analyzing specific tickets. Smart attributes enable focused topic search, while AI classifiers take it to the next level, enabling us to seamlessly zoom in on the most crucial areas. This laser-like focus empowers us to derive the best grading and coaching insights from specific topics and tickets, ensuring exceptional results.

Regularly evaluate, calibrate for accurate and relevant targeted QA

What truly excites me about targeted QA is its remarkable flexibility and customization. We continuously adapt by changing targets weekly and spot-checking previous rubrics to ensure ongoing excellence. This flexibility allows us to effortlessly apply it to a wide range of topics, ensuring its versatility and effectiveness.”

"It's really helpful for our agents to be able to take feedback that is more actionable and digestible and then be able to apply that to other topics as well. Overall, it just makes for even better agents and better agent growth than the exclusively broader kind of QA scope."

Corinne McClure

Senior Associate of Customer Experience at Brooklinen

Brooklinen's Success Story: Implementing Targeted QA with MaestroQA

Corinne's implementation of targeted QA at Brooklinen has proved instrumental in driving agent performance and enhancing the customer experience. By focusing on specific topics, providing actionable feedback, and leveraging QA insights, Brooklinen has created a culture of continuous improvement in their customer support operations. The combination of targeted QA, advanced QA tools like MaestroQA, and forthcoming features like AI classifiers and smart attributes ensures that Brooklinen remains at the forefront of customer-centricity and agent excellence.
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Smart Attributes

MaestroQA provides custom and default smart attributes that empower teams to track specific characteristics of tickets. These smart attributes can be used to identify tickets associated with customer dissatisfaction. For instance, Corinne utilized smart attributes by tracking keywords such as 'return,' 'fee,' and 'shipping' to proactively address potential friction points related to the new return policy and gauge customer reactions.


MaestroQA's automation capabilities enabled Brooklinen to streamline their targeted QA process by surfacing the right tickets at the right times with the right rubrics. For example, automation rules can identify low CSAT scores for review or highlight tickets with specific attributes. This helps prioritize QA efforts and provide timely feedback to agents on current initiatives.

AI Classifiers

Customizable AI classifiers provided by MaestroQA played a vital role in evaluating customer sentiment and specific interaction patterns. By tailoring the AI classifiers, Brooklinen's team can efficiently assess 100% of customer interactions for crucial quality metrics using customizable logic. This enables them to identify trends and delve deeper into pain points with enhanced effectiveness.


Brooklinen seamlessly integrated the MaestroQA coaching platform with tools like Guru and Lessonly. This platform enables QA teams to collaborate effectively with training and development teams, delivering targeted coaching based on QA findings. The integration with learning management systems (LMS) facilitates a continuous improvement loop for agents.

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