Empowering Agent Growth with Quality

How Classpass Leveraged Data-Driven Evaluations & Trainings to Accelerate Performance

5 Tips to Empower Agent Growth

Gain key insights from Classpass, a leading fitness class booking platform, on leveraging data-driven evaluations and personalized training to bolster performance-driven promotions and empower agents to deliver exceptional support. Hear Amy Fleming, Manager of Education and Quality Enablement at Classpass, reveal top tips behind their successful strategy.

Blending Quality and Education for Optimal Results

Amy leveraged her experience to integrate quality and education at Classpass, inspiring a culture of excellence that extends beyond the CX team. This innovative approach has introduced new applications for quality data, fostering a more collaborative culture that provides insights and drives growth across the organization.

On my team, we refer to it as 'bringing quality to life.' It's not merely about evaluating agent performance; it's about deploying data to drive holistic excellence throughout the business.

We found a really good process for making quality really applicable and useful. It's not just something we look at during our weekly business reviews; it's a tool that drives better decisions across the organization.

Making Quality Applicable and Useful

At Classpass, quality is not just another data point; it’s a cornerstone metric that drives improvements and informs critical business decisions. Amy Fleming, Manager of Education and Quality Enablement, emphasized the importance of making quality data applicable and useful throughout the organization. They achieved this by implementing workflows and standards that make quality assessment visible across projects, ensuring it serves as a benchmark for agent growth and customer-centric strategies.

Creating a Clear Development Path for Agents

At Classpass, quality data provides the foundation for a transparent and  motivating growth path for their agents. This growth path is carefully charted using a combination of clear benchmarks and data to verify readiness for promotions, providing a defined career trajectory.

Here are some of the keys to their success:

Structuring evaluations by experience level, guiding new agents and catching bad habits early.
Growth plan with clear expectations and rubric definitions, giving agents a tangible target to strive for.
Data-driven decision-making for targeted "upskill" training, addressing specific areas of improvement.

Knowing our users and customers is essential. Quality data helps us meet them where they're at and drives an even better experience.

With targeted QA projects, we ensure consistent and accurate data, enabling us to explore different avenues for improving processes.

Collaborative Decision-Making

At Classpass, collaboration between the quality team, education team, and other departments fuels data-driven decision-making. They go beyond agent evaluation, leveraging quality data in a targeted QA process to surface insights on current priorities and initiatives. For example, their quality team swiftly pulled and evaluated late cancellation tickets, leading to vital improvements in their Fee Waivers Policy. This collaborative effort resulted in policy changes that delivered a better customer experience.

AI and the Future of Quality

Classpass is excited about the future of quality and how AI tools like MaestroQA contribute to its evolution. AI captures previously unknown information, making quality a customer insights tool for more informed and customer-focused decisions. She believes the evolution of quality is tied to its application as a customer insights tool, and not merely as a performance index for CX or agents. AI will usher in a new era where customers will directly reap the benefits.

Quality is not just about CX; it's a customer insights tool that expands its scope to influence decisions across departments.

“Quality data isn't just about assessing performance; it's the driving force behind our collaborative decision-making. By leveraging data in a targeted QA process, we surface critical insights that shape our current priorities and initiatives.”

Amy Flemming

Manager of Education and Quality at Classpass / Mindbody

Unlock QA Potential with MaestroQA

Amy's journey at Classpass highlights the importance of quality in driving improvements, promoting agent growth, and making customer-centric decisions. See firsthand how MaestroQA empowered Classpass's QA team with:
We invite you to request a demo to see firsthand how MaestroQA empowered Classpass’s QA team to leveraged these core features to make critical business decisions to enhance customer satisfaction:


Amy's team grouped agents based on their tenure and affiliation in order to automatically surface the appropriate tickets to the right graders at the right time. This approach enabled them to comprehend the performance and growth patterns of various agent groups.


Amy brought together the QA team and Education teams at Classpass to collaborate on agent training strategies, putting together coaching templates and training initiatives aimed at driving agent promotions and upskilling. These strategies were based on a combination of tenure and quality scores.


Amy envisions a future where the value of the quality program extends beyond CX and influences decisions across various departments. Quality insights on 100% of interactions can provide valuable information to product teams, marketing teams, and more, making the quality program an essential asset for the entire organization.

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