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Automated quality metrics on 100% of your support interactions

Customize and run precise QA metrics to surface actionable insights from all your customer interactions -- voice, chat, text, and screen capture.
Voice of Customer Insights
Automated Agent Quality Metrics
Targeted Root Cause Analysis
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Capture deeper insights beyond AI’s reach

Get an accurate, unbiased view into the customer experience and agent performance. Reduce the time it takes to surface actionable insights.
Unlimited, fully customizable QA scorecards
Automated grading assignments
Alignment scores & team calibration workflows
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Insights to action

Identify, align and quantify agent performance. Utilize omnipresent coaching to identify opportunities, easily share feedback and action items.
Create 1:1 coaching sessions with agents
Share QA feedback with agents
Track agent performance trends, benchmark overtime
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Shadow agents in a remote-first world

Get full visibility into how tickets are handled to give agents targeted coaching.
Native Application
Chrome Extension
Screen Capture Analytics
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All your customer support data, under one roof

Integrate with your favorite customer support tech stack in a few clicks.
Pre-built Integrations
Open API
Preferred vendor for Salesforce & Zendesk
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Connect to the tools you already use

GPT vs. QA Analyst

In this chat, Vasu Prathipati and Harrison Hunter, the CEO and CTO of MaestroQA, respectively, will present an experiment they conducted to compare the Auto QA capabilities of ChatGPT against those of a QA Analyst.

How to Evaluate “AI” Vendors

Learn best practices for evaluating AI vendors in CX
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Friday, April 21st 1pm ET / 10am PT
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