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AI without QA can break trust with employees and customers

Quality teams have never been more important to finding the perfect balance between the human touch and AI.

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Quality & Risk Operational Excellence in CX
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Evolution from quality to performance excellence

Foster a culture of continuous growth across employees, customers, internal processes, and AI initiatives

MaestroQA is redefining quality management, shifting the focus from individual agent improvement to enabling performance excellence and continuous enhancement across the company. Our platform ensures employees receive necessary development and coaching, customers enjoy consistent exceptional experiences, internal tools facilitate progress, and AI initiatives are optimized.

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Get inspired by our customer stories

Getaround's journey to agent Performance Excellence with MaestroQA

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Increase in CSAT

from 60 to 78% on average


Decrease in agent ramp time

from 182 days to 90 days


Increase in monthly coaching sessions

from an average of 1 to 4.1 per month / per agent


Identify hotspots and deliver precise coaching

Unleash actionable insights and dynamic coaching across KPIs

MaestroQA's performance dashboards revolutionize the way QA teams operate, bridging the gap between QA metrics and other critical KPIs. Eliminate QA data silos and unclear ROI impact.

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Shift from random sampling to targeted deep dives

Refine focus by shifting from random sampling to targeted deep dives. Utilize Auto QA and KPIs to pinpoint optimal QA Team priorities, enabling the Quality Team to focus on driving actionable insights across people, processes, policies, and products.

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Close the feedback loop through coaching

Transform your approach to QA by fostering collaboration between your QA team and team leads. Embrace a coaching-centric culture that prioritizes high-quality coaching for agents to drive continuous improvement and elevate performance standards.

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Expand QA to evaluate team leads

Expand QA focus to include team leads, acknowledging their vital role in performance. Embrace a comprehensive QA approach, promoting managerial excellence to drive continuous improvement and achieve optimal team outcomes.

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Watch and learn — dive into transformative insights

Effortless integrations for seamless workflows

Seamlessly connect MaestroQA with your essential tools for automated workflows and real-time insights.

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Prioritizing your security

We take data security seriously, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals with confidence.

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Our customers love us

See the product in action + learn how we improve service quality.

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Admin View
Dive into the heart of your organization's performance. Admins can unlock actionable insights across all teams and agents, empowering them to drive strategic decisions and optimize performance at every level.
Manager View
Maximize manager efficiency and effectiveness. Managers can access data specific to their team and agents, enabling targeted coaching and performance optimization tailored to their management responsibilities.
Agent View
Empower your agents with a personalized view tailored to their KPIs, leaderboard standings, and coaching sessions. From QA scores to CSAT ratings, agents are equipped to make actionable improvements, driving performance excellence and success.