Mindset Matters

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    How We View Company Culture

    We believe that our future success is just as dependent on our culture as our technology.  We believe that a strong culture sets great companies apart from good ones.  We also believe that culture isn’t just words on paper–it’s how people operate, think, make decisions, interact, process information and take on each day.

    As a startup with <70 employees and a culture in its infancy, each individual has an outsized impact.  A single person’s attitude and actions can generate ripple effects that can be seen and felt for years (for better or for worse).  The way that people engage with others and approach their own work is so hugely impacted by their mindset.

    How We Built The Maestro Mindset

    As we became increasingly aware of what a massive impact people’s mindset had on our culture, we decided to define our ideal mindset. We asked ourselves: what frame of mind or thought processes would ultimately lead to the actions and interactions that aligned with our intended culture?

    Through this reflection, the Maestro Mindset was born.

    What is The Maestro Mindset?

    The Maestro Mindset is a list of the most important mental strengths that we want our team to embody.  We don’t expect that everyone’s here today, but we want people who are committed to getting here.  

    We’re looking for:

    The passionate 🔥 - people who see their work as more than just a job, and are always looking to refine their crafts.

    The builders 🔨- people who are resourceful, enjoy creating something from nothing, and are energized by building the roller coaster while riding it.

    The self-starters 🙋- people who are intrinsically motivated, proactive + autonomous, and operate with an entrepreneurial mindset.

    The agile ⚡ - people who embrace change + ambiguity as constants and who experiment + adapt with speed and efficiency.

    The fighters 🥊 - people who are scrappy, relentless in the face of a challenge, and always operate with the underdog mentality.

    The partners 🤝 - people who leave their egos at the door, are allergic to the “it’s not my job” mentality, and put our customers and team ahead of themselves.

    The intellects 🧠 - people with insatiable curiosity, who approach their work thoughtfully, do their homework before asserting opinions, and use data to make decisions.

    The truth-seekers 🔬 - people who don’t take things at face value, and are willing to debate complex and nuanced truths but ultimately put pride aside and commit to the best decision for Maestro and our customers.

    The innovators 💡- people who think outside the box, challenge the status quo and strive to solve problems creatively.

    The accountable🪞 - people who are self-aware and reflective, and first look inward before making excuses or pointing fingers.

    The critical  🔍- people who don’t shy away from giving or accepting feedback, even when it’s unfavorable, and look at everything with a discerning eye because they know the battle is won in the details.

    The positive 🌈 - people who live life with a glass-half-full mentality, and believe that imperfection and challenges exist to make them stronger.

    Side note: We realize there's a need to strike a balance between building this intentional, consistent culture while also supporting diversity and inclusion.  There are lots of ways we can be different and unique, but at this point for our company, there are also places where we need to be extremely aligned. In order for us to thrive, our team members do need to share some core traits and values.

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