QA and training
Together at last 😍

Seamlessly assign training to your agents as you QA, without leaving the MaestroQA platform.
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Lessonly allows employees to learn new skills, practice them, and test their new knowledge in a low stakes environment.

MaestroQA allows managers to see how employees are performing with new information, and use this information to plan new trainings, and then circle back and see how well the trainings stuck.

Together, you cover all aspects of the ongoing cycle of feedback between a manager and an agent.

Assign more lessons

  • Being able to assign a lesson in the moment means you won’t miss any opportunity
  • More training, happier team, happier customers
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Build your training on QA insights

  • As you get into the rhythm of assigning trainings while you QA, you might notice holes in your training program
  • Develop new lessons from repeat issues discovered through QA
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Measure results through QA

  • Measure results of your training program directly
  • Gain rich context into how agents are receiving and applying feedback
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Build a seamless loop between how agents are trained, and what they’re graded on

With quality and training combined, everything in agent onboarding and ongoing training will be reflected in the QA process, and every piece of the quality program will have associated trainings.
The result is a fully integrated agent experience.

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