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Take Customer Support to the Next Level
MaestroQA's integration is the most powerful way to leverage your customer data in Zendesk. Understand true performance beyond CSAT and make your brand shine.
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MaestroQA + Zendesk take your customer support to the next level.
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Understand Agent Performance With Actionable Data
See agent performance trends over time. Create relevant trainings based on team knowledge gaps. Understand the true relationship between CSAT and quality.
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Totally Customizable QA Process
Your QA team will thank you! Create a QA program that’s relevant for your customer, team, and brand. Import existing rubrics or build new rubrics in minutes. Reduce manual errors with an automated, streamlined QA experience.
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How do I integrate with Zendesk?

To get started, contact our team to discuss the best MaestroQA package for needs. You can either chat with us online, call us at (212) 699-6461, or email us at team@maestroqa.com.

We also have the Zendesk Lite App that you can try, listed on the Zendesk App Store.

Is Zendesk difficult to use with MaestroQA?

Absolutely not! MaestroQA is purpose-built to integrate with all Zendesk products making it one of the most versatile QA tools out there. Support teams and upper management have enjoyed a much more robust and easy to use QA process with MaestroQA + Zendesk.

How does QA affect customer satisfaction?

QA software helps agents and managers run a successful call center by measuring customers expectations compared to team performance. The QA process allows you to better meet customer expectations, leading to increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.