Enhancing Support Efficiency and Quality

OnTrac's Transition to MaestroQA and Salesforce


In June 2022, OnTrac and Lasership merged, transitioning from NICE InContact to Salesforce for omni-channel support. However, Salesforce's Service Cloud Voice lacked crucial features like Quality Assurance and Screen Recording, which OnTrac had relied on with NICE InContact. These tools provided visibility into agent interactions and support trends. Without them, OnTrac faced challenges in identifying areas for improvement, providing targeted agent coaching, and monitoring agents in a remote work environment.



OnTrac provides fast and flexible last-mile delivery solutions across 31 states, reaching about 80% of the US population. Retailers and shippers depend on OnTrac for seamless nationwide delivery.

# of CX Agents


Tools Used

Service Cloud Voice, Digital Engagement, MaestroQA Screen Capture, MaestroQA Auto QA

Customer Support Channels

Phone, Chat, SMS

"The ability to do Screen Capture on chat and SMS was also something we didn't have before. So it checked all the boxes."

Jose Castro, Director of Customer Care, OnTrac


Salesforce introduced OnTrac to MaestroQA, an advanced solution that enhances agent productivity monitoring with tools like Auto QA and Screen Capture. Implementing MaestroQA alongside Salesforce gives OnTrac a comprehensive view of agent performance, improving efficiency, reducing average handling time, and optimizing workforce requirements.

Why MaestroQA + Salesforce?

The MaestroQA and Salesforce partnership provides comprehensive visibility across support channels, empowering OnTrac. Transitioning more customer interactions to SMS and chat results in cost savings and an improved experience. With MaestroQA, OnTrac gains the ability to analyze omni-channel cases, identify touchpoints, conduct root cause analysis, and enhance agent efficiency for exceptional customer experiences.

"MaestroQA checked all the boxes. It gave us a really good opportunity to be able to get exactly what we wanted. So we didn't even venture into looking at other companies."

Jose Castro, Director of Customer Care, OnTrac

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