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Unleash Insights with MaestroQA's Screen Capture

Improve agent experiences with better coaching, improve customer experiences with better processes.

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Visualize and analyze key customer interactions

Gain rapid insights with Moments, which highlights significant segments in recordings. Identify agent workflows such as call holds, tool usage, and flagged tickets for efficient coaching and process refinement.

Graders quickly spot and analyze vital moments in customer-agent interactions.
Enhance training by understanding agent behaviors, processes, and customer engagement.
Optimize coaching and processes using targeted insights from Moments.
Navigate recordings efficiently by concentrating on essential interaction points.

Seamless screen capture experience

Empower agents with an intuitive and non-intrusive companion app, enabling them to control recording and enhance workflow.

Equip agents with a user-friendly companion app for effortless recording management.
Enhance productivity by allowing agents to focus on conversations, not tools.
Automatically capture interactions, associating them with the relevant tickets.

“The ability to do Screen Capture on chat and SMS was also something we didn't have before. So it checked all the boxes.”

Jose Castro
Director of Customer Care, OnTrac

Extend screen capture across your business operations

Harness the power of screen capture beyond support by setting up custom recording triggers tied to specific URLs, revealing process insights beyond customer interactions.

Configure URL triggers to initiate and conclude recordings for precise interactions.
Start and stop recording based on specific web pages to capture relevant moments.
Tailor recording rules to distinct use cases, providing detailed behavioral insights.

Seamlessly integrated with leading helpdesk platforms

Seamlessly integrate screen capture with popular helpdesk systems, enabling automatic recording and enhancing agent performance analysis.

Integrate effortlessly with Zendesk, Salesforce, Gladly, Flex, and more.
Automatically record interactions within familiar helpdesk platforms for efficiency.
Leverage integrated screen capture to boost agent performance analysis.
Enhance workflows by seamlessly incorporating screen capture into existing processes.

Capture multiple interactions simultaneously

Efficiently record multiple screens and tickets concurrently to understand agent multitasking and workload management.

Record multiple customer interactions concurrently within the same system.
Review recordings tied to individual tickets for comprehensive analysis.
Gain insights into agent multitasking and workload distribution.
Improve efficiency by capturing parallel customer conversations.

Balancing insight and privacy

Address "Big Brother" perceptions and privacy concerns by emphasizing agent coaching and providing control over recorded content.

Establish trust with agents by focusing on coaching and skill enhancement.
Protect customer privacy with configurable black screens during sensitive moments.
Maintain compliance by allowing agents to pause recording for secure information.
Empower agents with recording control to strike a balance between insight and privacy.

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