MaestroQA: How SpotHero Scaled Their Customer Care Team

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Salesforce, Talkdesk

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2-4 per month

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SpotHero’s Customer Satisfaction Score is consistently above 95% each month, so why did Terrance Chatman, SpotHero’s Training and Quality Manager, who helped the company scale the Customer Care team from two to 40, implement a QA and Coaching program? Well, less than 10% of SpotHero’s customer base responds to CSAT surveys and oftentimes, the responses are not always related to their support experience.

“We wanted to create a robust program that proactively measures the quality of our service through all feedback channels, both internally and externally.” — Terrance Chatman, SpotHero

Terrance emphasized that maintaining high quality standards, particularly in customer experience, enables businesses to track performance and trends over time and provide actionable insights for product and sales teams.

Monica Edie, who runs day-to-day operations for SpotHero’s QA team, laid out the key components to an effective program:

  1. Scorecard(s): Iterating and honing in on a scorecard that clearly defines the criteria for success is the foundation of an effective program.
  2. Calibration: Ensuring that your team members are graded consistently lets you trust the QA data.
  3. Coaching: Regular one-on-one meetings discussing feedback with your team is the most critical component to driving overall improvements

Before MaestroQA, Monica used Google Forms for their quality assurance scorecards, pushing data into a Google Sheet. She would also have Desk, their CRM, open to cross-reference the ticket against the scoring. Next, SpotHero’s Workforce Manager would take all the data in the Google Sheets and create reports. Finally, Monica would take screenshots of the reports and QA scores and send them in an email to each Customer Hero. Clicking around multiple screens and tools took time away from where she could make the largest impact—identifying feedback opportunities and coaching her team accordingly.

With MaestroQA’s seamless integration with Desk, Monica saves time grading by having the scorecard and ticket in the same window. Reporting is generated on the fly so she can instantly identify trends and opportunities for growth.

“Heroes can also login to MaestroQA to view feedback, session notes, and individual quality reports, which ultimately elevates the coaching experience for the agent and myself.” — Monica Edie, SpotHero

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