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Metrics That Matter: How FabFitFun Manages A Best-In-Class Support Team

March 26, 2019

FabFitFun manages a growing team of outsourced agents as if it were in-house to ensure maximum quality and the best possible experiences for their customers. They rely heavily on data to understand agent compliance, how satisfied customers are, and where they can improve as a team.

This webinar will walk you through:

  1. The metrics they use to monitor performance and motivate agents
  2. How they use numbers to coach agents (both in real time and retroactively)
  3. How they make a case for company-wide improvements based on customer support metrics
  4. Their philosophy on, and how they measure, customer retention

...all to ensure that customers love their support experience so much that they’ll return time and again.

With Additional Takeaways Like:

The tools and processes FabFitFun uses to maintain high quality (and therefore high CSAT)

The relationship between customer service quality assurance, coaching, and Customer Satisfaction✨🦄🌌