Transforming CSAT Analysis for Better Insights

PlanGrid's Success Story with MaestroQA and Salesforce


PlanGrid encountered difficulties in effectively analyzing their Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data, particularly in identifying the primary factors influencing positive or negative CSAT scores. Their struggle centered around conducting a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis, hindering their ability to uncover, prioritize, and address areas that needed improvement. This posed significant obstacles in enhancing the overall customer experience.



PlanGrid is construction productivity software created for onsite workers. It digitizes blueprints and provides essential features like version control, collaboration tools, field markups, progress photos, and issue tracking.

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Tools Used

Service Cloud, Digital Engagement, MaestroQA Scorecards, Coaching, Automations, Reporting

Customer Support Channels

Email, Chat

With MaestroQA and Salesforce integrated, we can effortlessly generate insights about our support operations that require improvement and create action plans to address them. It has really enhanced our ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

Quality Assurance Manager, PlanGrid


By leveraging MaestroQA's robust integrations with Salesforce and Qualtrics, along with its flexible QA workflow, PlanGrid successfully consolidated their CSAT data into a single location. They could then design scorecards with conditional logic, allowing them to delve deep into the underlying Root Causes causes. This integration proved instrumental in swiftly gaining insights into customer behavior patterns, facilitating precise correlations between CSAT scores and individual support interactions. As a result, PlanGrid was able to enhance their agent coaching and training strategies, while also formulating action plans to address areas in support that required improvement.

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Why MaestroQA + Salesforce?

PlanGrid found that MaestroQA offered a distinctive advantage when it came to managing their customer support interaction data in Salesforce. PlanGrid stored all of their customer support interaction data, including CSAT metrics, in Salesforce. The integration of MaestroQA with Salesforce streamlined the workflow, making it easy to extract data and generate valuable insights. This eliminated any worries or complications related to data transfer, providing PlanGrid with a seamless and effortless experience.

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"The scorecards with conditional logic have been particularly valuable in pinpointing the root causes of positive or negative CSAT scores. Because of this, we have been able to enhance our agent coaching and training strategies, leading to significant improvements in our overall customer experience.

Quality Assurance Manager, Plangrid

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