Zola put a ring on it: How to manage customer service training with QA πŸ’

‍Company Name
All things weddings πŸ’
Challenge #1:

Scaling team for seasonal growth

Challenge #2:

Customer support is a competitive differentiator

Challenge #3:

How the heck do you make sure new agents are empowered to provide differentiating support πŸ€”


Use the feedback loop between QA and training to give agents everything they need to be successful πŸ’

There’s a classic process loop that many of our customers rely on for keeping their teams in ship shape, and their customers happy. It’s a feedback cycle between quality assurance and training (a ring, so to speak).

Many teams use data from QA to influence what they talk about with agents in 1:1s, update their onboarding process, and determine topics for ongoing team training.

Zola (wedding registry company) has one such feedback loop. They had been using MaestroQA for the quality element, and Lessonly for training.

We recently built an integration with Lessonly to strengthen this loop. It allows MaestroQA graders to:

  • Assign relevant Lessonly lessons to agents when they need to brush up on certain topics
  • Track when the agent has completed the lesson, alongside the agent's grades

...all within the MaestroQA dashboard!

This video will walk you through how the support team at Zola uses QA and training to improve CX, and make their customers say, β€œI do” πŸ‘°

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