Webinar with WP Engine & Guru: How high-performing CX teams build accountability into their processes

July 7, 2020

CX teams are like onions: they have layers. Lots of them, in fact - between agents, QA managers, and CX directors, there are a ton of moving parts, and keeping everyone in-line can be a challenge. 

But the best teams in the industry know they need two things to perform: a strong sense of trust on their team, and systems for accountability to make sure everyone trusts and implements one another’s feedback. 

Our friends at WP Engine recognized this early on and created a workflow that allows managers to consistently measure interactions + help agents instantly apply grading insights. The result? They always deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

The good news: they aren’t keeping their tactics a secret! Watch on-demand as they walk us through every layer of their strategy. 

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This webinar also covers:

👉 How a strong knowledge base can impact your agents’ success

👉 How managers can be more accountable for grading and coaching quotas

👉 Creating a formal feedback process for CX teams that builds trust and accountability

👉 Integrating your CX tech stack to ensure agents have accurate answers for every customer interaction


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