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Insights from Gousto's Customer Care Manager on Optimizing Reporting and Coaching Systems

Dos & Don’ts for Harnessing Performance Visibility & Coaching

Learn how Gousto, a prominent British Food Kit Retailer, utilized reporting and coaching systems to quickly identify performance trends, seize opportunities, and address threats to customer satisfaction within a blended team of in-house and BPO agents.


Gousto had an inefficient and incomplete reporting and coaching system, leading to challenges in identifying underperforming agents, analyzing data, comparing metrics, and providing effective coaching. Previously, they relied on multiple Google sheets, which made it hard to assess agent performance and prioritize coaching. This decentralized approach hindered their ability to spot performance trends, threats to customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions. It also impacted their partnership with BPO teams due to limited weekly reporting, hampering collaboration.

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Michael Whittaker, Gousto’s Customer Care Training & Quality Manager, implemented the Maestro performance dashboard tool to solve the problem. It identified underperforming agents, assessed metrics, and supported coaching. Comparisons across agents and teams enabled fair evaluation and collaboration. The tool linked ticket examples to metrics in coaching sessions for data-driven discussions. Transparent communication fostered agent engagement. The dashboard extended to BPO teams, improving collaboration, agent performance, and customer experiences.

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Michael’s Do’s & Don’ts

Achieve excellence in customer care by following these helpful do's and avoiding these common don'ts, as shared by Michael Whittaker, Customer Care Training & Quality Manager at Gousto.

DO'S & Don'ts



Promptly address issues

"Because we're so much quicker now at identifying agents who are maybe underperforming or need more support because we have that data, that suite of data sources that means that we can really work with them to improve." - Michael
Resolving customer issues quickly and effectively leaves them satisfied with the support received, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Don't wait for the worst situations

“The biggest friction was that we were only able to identify feedback and learning opportunities when the very worst situation had occurred. While that obviously meant that the most serious cases got dealt with. It was incredibly unfair to the agent because it didn't give us a proper reflection of what their performance had been. Also, we weren't learning proper insights from our customer. We were only focusing on a very small strand of situations. We needed a tool that allowed us to really get a proper sense of what quality looked like for our customer base and what kinds of experiences they were receiving.” - Michael
Avoid relying solely on negative customer interactions to evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

Empower agents

"You need to treat people like adults, right? We're not using metrics as a battering ram. It is a place for you to gain inspiration and ideas about how you can improve yourself. On top of that, what Maestro does particularly well is clearly outline the calculations behind metrics. That is so important in gaining agent buy-in." -  Michael
Shifting from controlling metrics to inspiring improvement empowers agents to enhance customer experience, fostering confidence, autonomy, and excellence.

Don't ignore agent knowledge gaps

“Naturally when you have local sites (BPOs), sometimes knowledge can go around in circles and you have slight variations of bits of policy, knowledge or process. But by having the centralized portal for coaching, for performance, & for grading, it really exposes just what we are aligned on and what we are not” - Michael
Address any gaps in agent knowledge by ensuring effective communication and understanding of product updates and changes.

Use data sources and performance dashboards

“That suite of data sources means that we can really work with them to improve. And by doing so, they're having such better quality conversations and making sure those conversations are all focused on what more can we do to improve the customer experience. That's really powerful in itself." - Michael
Utilizing data to identify underperforming agents and providing them with support for improvement helps in enhancing overall team performance and customer satisfaction.

Don't neglect customer feedback

“We care very deeply about customers coming away from a conversation with customer care thinking, ‘Wow! That person knew what they were talking about, they were super nice, and they managed to get my issue solved quickly.’” - Michael
Expand the scope of feedback evaluation beyond just the most serious cases to gain a wider understanding of customer experiences.

Foster collaboration

“We try to ban the acronym ‘BPO’ altogether. We call them ‘global partners’ and that's for a very specific purpose. We want to bring them into the conversation. So whether it's having intensive training sessions or regular buddy schemes or competitions, they feel a part of Gousto. They are an equal member of the team, like anybody in the U.K.” - Michael
Creating a holistic ecosystem where in-house and BPO agents work together towards the same goal fosters teamwork, knowledge sharing, and leverages the strengths of each team.

Don't make assumptions about agent performance

“You can drill into AHT and combine that with Screen Capture to get a good idea of why are some topics or some types of tickets driving such a high AHT? Are there systematic barriers to those tickets potentially being a bit more efficient and shorter? Not only is it really useful to identify agents who need the most support in terms of how they speak to our customer, it also can be a potential clue into the internal side of it as well.” - Michael
Look beyond numbers and metrics to understand the factors influencing an agent's performance, including their strengths and areas for improvement. This analysis should apply to both individual agents and the overall product and policy of the business.

Continuously learn and reflect

"We have a Team Leader buddy scheme where basically team leaders from all three different sites come together and share learnings, coaching tools & tips, and exchange management tips." - Michael
Promote collaborative learning and reflection through initiatives where team leaders share experiences, coaching tools, and management tips. Regular evaluation and best practice exchange empower agents to identify learning opportunities, improve skills, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Don't underestimate the complexity of the product

“We fully acknowledged that Gousto is a very complex product. You have delivery, you have ingredients, you have payment questions, you have questions around subscription. It’s hard for people to split the full range of that, but that doesn't mean we just don't try or don't make efforts to piece the whole thing together.” - Michael
Acknowledge the complexity of the product or service being offered and provide support and resources to help agents handle a wide range of customer issues.

Optimizing Quality with MaestroQA

Michael's story underscores the significant positive impact of MaestroQA on Gousto's business, providing a centralized platform for data analysis, performance tracking, and coaching, resulting in enhanced agent performance, improved customer experiences, and valuable insights driving business decisions and product enhancements.
Request a demo to experience firsthand how MaestroQA empowers organizations to cultivate a coaching culture that delves into insights, addresses specific areas, and equips agents with the necessary tools to drive customer satisfaction:

KPI Dashboard

Gousto is using the performance dashboard provided by Maestro. The dashboard consolidates data from various sources, such as AI Classifiers & a team’s Helpdesk, and allows them to view and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) in a single location. It provides a visual representation of metrics and rankings of agents, enabling them to identify underperforming agents and areas that need improvement.


The coaching tool within Maestro, enabled Gousto team leaders to conduct coaching sessions effectively. The tool combines metrics and specific examples of ticket interactions, making it easy to create coaching sessions focused on improving agent performance. It streamlines the coaching process by providing all the necessary metrics and examples in one place.


Gousto agents have access to their grades in MaestroQA. This feature allows agents to directly see their grades, promoting accountability and ownership of their performance. It ensures transparency in the grading process and enables agents to review and learn from their performance evaluations.

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