Postmates Elevates CX with “State of Quality” Meetings and Smart Audits

Postmates’ Challenge:

Developing a scalable QA program to generate insights that elevate agent performance

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Negative Implication:

Spreadsheets slowed down QA and made it difficult to surface meaningful insights

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The Solution:

Aligning quality, operations, and training teams with “state of quality” meetings and “smart audits” through MaestroQA

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Impact at Postmates:

Scalable QA, better QA data, and an enhanced experience for internal and external customers

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Postmates is changing how products move around cities. Their web and smartphone apps connect customers with local merchants and couriers to simplify local delivery of food, drinks, groceries, and more.

To ensure success for its growing network of customers, merchants, and couriers, Postmates’ team of 500 agents provides live support via phone, email, and chat. Postmates’ quality program exists to identify potential issues and make recommendations that improve the customer experience. Read on to learn more, or watch the webinar on-demand here!

Challenge: Overcoming spreadsheets to build a modern QA program

Postmates’ legacy QA program was not scalable and relied on time-consuming data tabulation in Google Sheets—a huge time sink for managers and analysts alike 😓

“Gathering and sharing QA data was a very manual process at Postmates,” said Toni Rocha, Quality Operations Manager at Postmates. “This made it difficult for us to measure success and show any trends.” 

Drilling down into specific QA metrics and policy compliance issues was almost impossible—there was a major Experience Blindspot.

“We didn’t know what was impacting our important metrics, and there wasn’t a way to audit the success of our process changes,” Rocha said.

Having incomplete QA insights inhibited the team’s ability to recommend appropriate training and coaching to improve the customer experience. 

Solution: “State of Quality” meetings and Smart Audits align CX teams around reliable QA data

Realizing the need for modern QA software, Postmates turned to MaestroQA.

Grading agent interactions with MaestroQA eliminated the need for spreadsheets and accelerated the team’s ability to provide meaningful insights to stakeholders. 

“We were all very excited to have MaestroQA because we finally had a tool that gave us insight into how our teams were performing,” Rocha said. “[It] made our QA measurable and actionable, and we were able to visualize our improvements.”

Seeking to operationalize the insights surfaced with MaestroQA, Postmates implemented a weekly cross-functional “state of quality” meeting that aligns leaders from quality, operations, and learning experience (Postmates’ training team).

“The state of quality is a collaborative effort to improve how we interact with customers,” Rocha said. “We use data from MaestroQA to understand and discuss what’s working or not working within each line of business.”

To maximize the impact of each state of quality, Postmates’ QA team shares the latest insights with operations managers prior to the meeting. As a result, operations managers show up well-informed and ready to share ideas for improvement.

“Operations managers typically drive the conversation because it’s their business,” Rocha said. “We’re there to support them by bringing data, and our learning experience team is there to support any training takeaways that need to be addressed.” 

Implementing MaestroQA also made it easier to perform “smart audits,” which drill down into specific metrics or behaviors that may require correction. MaestroQA automatically identifies tickets of interest—such as those with high average handle time—for further review and in-depth analysis.

“Smart audits help us measure certain aspects of the interaction that impact policy compliance and key business metrics,” Rocha said.

Result: Enhanced CX through increased collaboration and proactive action 💪

Aligning quality, operations, and learning experience around QA insights from MaestroQA leads to a more collaborative approach for improving CX. 

“State of quality meetings break down silos and provide visibility into each team’s needs,” Rocha said. “Together we’re able to decide on outcomes that reduce red flag behaviors, fill knowledge gaps, and elevate agent performance.”

Developing a continuous feedback loop between quality and operations led to the simplification of Postmates’ QA rubric, specifically its “red flag behaviors”—critical behaviors that lead to bad customer experiences.

“Our quality team is focused on providing a better experience for both external and internal customers,” Rocha said. “Reducing the number of red flag behaviors from six to three accommodated Operations’ needs while holding our quality standards in place.”

Increased alignment between QA and learning experience creates a symbiotic relationship that elevates both departments.

“Training and quality go together like peanut butter and jelly,” Rocha said. “Our QA and training teams work together to identify what’s missing in our QA scorecards, uptraining, and study groups.”

Smart audits surface additional insights that accelerate positive change at Postmates. For example, Postmates uses MaestroQA to audit agent adherence to the company’s optimized call flow.

“Instead of taking an ‘ask and acknowledge’ approach, we now ask agents to predict and preempt what the customer is calling about,” Rocha said. “After analyzing 100 tickets, we realized that agents were in compliance with this new process.”

And, Postmates’ most important stakeholders—customers, merchants, and couriers—are reaping the biggest reward from the company’s new, data-driven QA program.

“Our QA program creates a better experience for everyone—especially for our external customers,” Rocha said. “It’s pretty cool that we’re able to have such a big impact.”

Elevate Your QA Program with MaestroQA

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