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The Future of AI in CX

Customer Support has evolved from a cost center to an experience center, with agents serving as brand ambassadors and drivers of customer retention. However, Artificial Intelligence tools are changing the CX landscape once again.

Join us for a discussion on the future of AI in CX with MaestroQA CEO, Vasu Prathipati, as he explores how machine-learning models alter Quality Assurance and impact the role of support agents. Is AI empowering agents or diminishing their creativity? Examine the impact of AI on CX and the role of support agents in the customer experience journey.

About CEO/CX: Strategy Chats

Twice a month, MaestroQA hosts insightful chats about the evolving role of customer experience within the business organization. We will explore emerging trends, challenges and opportunities to harness technology to increase the bottom line impacts of CX on business revenue and growth.

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CEO of MaestroQA:
Vasu Prathipati

Vasu is the accomplished CEO and Co-Founder of MaestroQA, a company that has transformed the customer support landscape through data, analytics, and automated workflows. He has assisted hundreds of top-tier brands to revamp their CX strategies, delivering tangible results and exceptional customer experiences.

A renowned thought leader and speaker, Vasu is a leading authority on modernizing customer service to enhance business impact, including QA, training, and agent performance. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering tangible results, Vasu and his team at MaestroQA are dedicated to transforming customer service into a strategic partner for driving brand growth and improving CX.