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Call Center Performance Management

Measuring An Organization's 3 Ps: People, Process and Product

September 5, 2022
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Much has been written about the three Ps of business- people, process and product- as they amount to a fundamental foundation for every company. While data is critical for improvement and to enable leaders to make informed decisions for the betterment of the business, measuring the three Ps with quantitative data has historically been a challenge.

With new tools embracing artificial intelligence and automation, it is now possible to progress from a qualitative view of the three Ps and transform them into quantitative, measurable areas. This allows business leaders to evaluate a brand’s quality, or even a customer experience agent’s performance, by taking a data-driven approach.

Read on as we explore some of the measurable data available for the three Ps, and how organizations might exploit that data.

Product data

Swimming in a sea of product options, customers can afford to be selective. That’s why best-in-class companies focus on product quality to drive user satisfaction and business outcomes by understanding what their customers are saying. The Voice of the Customer is everywhere, from reviews in the App Store or on Google Play, incident response tickets in Jira, and social media interactions on Twitter or Reddit.

With this feedback, organizations can understand what features customers enjoy, what they find hard to use, and what bugs should be prioritized or included in long-term roadmap strategies.

However, parsing and tagging feedback is time consuming, as without automation or artificial intelligence teams are left to manually sift through siloed sources to try and identify trends, and at the end of the day are still lacking a 360° quantitative view that can be shared with the rest of the business.

By incorporating supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence models, unitQ is able to take your user’s qualitative feedback and automatically consolidate, translate, and categorize it into real-time data that is actionable and more importantly, measurable – the unitQ Score.

Incorporating a score into how your organization evaluates your product’s quality means a quantified, data-driven approach can be taken to evaluate improvements, strategize on future updates, and even visualize how you measure up against the competition, all in real-time. 

People and process data

Even with a top tier product, maintaining a process and customer experience via the people on the front lines is critical to brand loyalty. When consumers have a negative customer service experience, they not only tell others, but often switch to competitors, and may do so without telling the brand about the bad experience, leaving CX leadership in the dark.

While CSAT and NPS tell part of the story, each lacks a key element of quantitative data – being actionable – as they do not offer sufficient clues for how to make measurable improvements.

Much like a unitQ Score should be used to effectively and efficiently measure product quality, a Quality Assurance (QA) Score is used to measure agent performance, customer support effectiveness, and can help improve customer experiences.

Having customized scorecards as part of your quality assurance program is crucial. Customized scorecards allow you to gain the information and strategic insights your agents need to perform. Relying on spreadsheets lacking scalability means time wasted on manual and repetitive tasks, which can lead to ineffective agent coaching sessions.

A quality assurance platform like MaestroQA provides unfiltered visibility into what's happening with your agents, customers, CX processes, and business.

Combining the three Ps

Evaluating quality by leveraging quantifiable user feedback data from unitQ and customer experience data from MaestroQA gives CX and leadership a complete picture about how they are interacting with their customers, as well as what customers are saying about product capabilities, features, and performance. 

This amounts to a goldmine of actionable insights about the quality of your people, process, and product to take your business to the next level.

If you're looking for an easy way to run a quality assurance program and track and improve your QA scores, sign up for a demo of MaestroQA today!

unitQ helps brands harness user feedback to improve product quality, increase app store ratings, reduce churn and enhance brand loyalty. Request a demo today!

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